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Together, we can tap the power of your intuition. Unlike prescribed self-help programs, my coaching practice begins with you. From this uniquely authentic source, you’ll learn how to bring positive change to your personal life, to your career, and to the world at large.

Roxanne’s experiences have taught her that living a truly meaningful life starts with owning your inner power — and she wants to help you own yours. Book a free consultation today.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it…Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.


Get ready to meet the world as the most powerful, positive, authentic version of yourself. Whether for personal happiness, or to strengthen your team, I’ll help you find your purpose and passion, while unleashing your true spirit.

Let’s put you on a path to living authentically through life and leadership coaching. Because people are happiest when they are true to themselves, and organizations thrive when people embrace their missions.


Attaining happiness and success starts with identifying your desires and your core values. That’s where I play a vital role as a life and leadership coach. We’ll start by gaining clarity around what you want to achieve. Then I’ll help you cultivate the confidence to overcome the obstacles, fears, and insecurities that stand in your way. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities, create a plan to accomplish your goals, and get you accustomed to living as your best self, day after day.


Going confidently in the direction of your dreams. Uncovering your gifts and true life’s purpose.


Life Coaching

If you’re craving something, it’s because you're meant to have it. When you’re ready to start owning your power and living authentically, investing in yourself is the first step. Yes, you can still honor the dreams you had for yourself when you were a wide-eyed, 22-year-old. Our life coaching journey begins with self-discovery and creating a clear action plan. Follow it, and you’ll transform your dreams into reality.

Leadership Coaching

To attain your highest levels of performance and leadership potential, you must first engage as a self-leader. My approach to leadership coaching is rooted in an understanding of what fuels your performance, and what hinders it. From there, we’ll set you on a path toward achieving your goals—from improving focus and concentration, to becoming more engaged in your life and career.




A lifelong champion of mentoring, Roxanne Joffe found her passion in coaching people to find their inner power that’s waiting to be released.  She is an experienced and certified life and leadership coach, dynamic entrepreneur, social sector leader, and president and founder of MagnifyGood. With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in brand/business strategy and corporate communications, Roxanne knows the importance of employee empowerment and work-life balance. 


Growing up in South Africa during apartheid, what she saw emblazoned itself in her memory and in her heart. She quickly learned about the difficult decisions one must make in life for the betterment of oneself and society. 


At age 25, Roxanne arrived with her family in New York City, leaving behind her home of Johannesburg and her career as a fashion designer to raise her young children in a more positive and egalitarian environment. With this move came the financial and social challenges of being a single mother. 

She had to learn how to be alone, not just with her children, but – for the first time in her life –with herself. She knew her children’s ability to thrive in the world depended on her ability to pick herself up, start anew, and teach them something in the most powerful way: by example.


One of the first lessons she taught them was how to properly utilize your talents to enact positive impact. 


When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, the atmosphere that surrounded cancer care was full of fear and apprehension. So, she applied the talent and communications skills she used to run two very successful radio stations to the problem. She used the power of communications to create conversations, connections that enlightened a community of compassion and positive action rather than horror. Low and behold, awareness of breast cancer research climbed, and millions of dollars followed.


When she was diagnosed years after her mother, life froze. Rather than crumbling, she taught herself and her children how to refocus their lives. This break from work and commitments served as a stopper for introspection. She reflected on her goals, her life thus far, and what truly had made her happy. After her double mastectomy, she emerged repurposed. 


Because of this, Roxanne does not consider herself to be a breast cancer survivor, but a breast cancer thriver.


Now an Athena Award recipient, Greater Sarasota Woman Entrepreneur of the Year,  IWF member, and a leader of various not-for-profit boards, Roxanne leads by example every day. From taking a leadership role in social causes, building businesses, and running marathons to raising a family and advising local and national business organizations, Roxanne has built the life she strove for so many years prior. 


Goals and principles she set for herself evolved into the life she has today. One of her favorite key principles is: don’t stop on a hill. Through her certified coaching methods, Roxanne will push you to not hold back on the climb, to really give purpose-seeking and self-improvement your all so  that you can emerge from the top as the best version of yourself.


“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”



Through the course of our lives, we weave a dynamic tapestry. It intersects with others and follows in our wake. Its color and texture tell the story of how we shape the world, and how the world shapes us. 


Often we see only the threads that are right in front of us. Immediate circumstances can obscure our view of a life in the making. We have a choice: allow these threads to pull us along, or grip the needle between our fingers and create something beautiful.

The power to take control resides in four pervasive mindsets:


This means staying true to the person you know yourself to be, not adapting to the expectations of others. Through honest introspection, you’ll find your guiding principles. These will show you the way.


With the clarity and agency that come with your guiding principles, always look for what’s possible. Even under dire circumstances, ask yourself, “what can I make better from here?” This isn’t rose-colored delusion. This is acting with purpose to control what you can. 


This comes naturally from being authentic and positive. It means focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Only then can you face what you’re afraid of and refuse to let fear hold you back.


This completes the feedback loop of an upward cycle. Keep finding what inspires you and feed on it. And by sharing your experiences, you will inspire others.


“Roxanne brought me from a state of dreaming to doing by helping me gain a better understanding of myself and a deeper confidence in my abilities. I had always believed it was ‘time’ that was the necessary tool to bring my dreams to light. By the end of my twelfth session with Roxanne, I was taking actions on making my dreams happen. With Roxanne's coaching she helped me gain the deep realization that it wasn't time I needed but a plan....


Starting with a conversation about what matters most to me. She then guided me through the process of identifying how to dig deeper to visualize what matters most. Thinking through the process of what motivates me and to hold on to this motivation. We explored what is holding me back and created a "toolkit" to overcome my perceived obstacles.


This process led me to discover my true power and harness my passion to live my true purpose. “



Often, the missing piece to achieving success is a lack of confidence, support, insight, focus and momentum. I work closely with clients to get crystal-clear on what they want and how to go about getting it. Helping people become leaders of their own lives,identifying what they truly want and how to go for it.


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