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    Roxanne Joffe is a dynamic entrepreneur, business leader and president and founder of MagnifyGood. With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in both fashion design and brand marketing, Roxanne knows the importance of work-life-balance, and she’s inspired to share her learning experiences.
    From running marathons, building and running businesses, raising a family, and taking an active role in local and national business organizations, Roxanne’s “You CAN have it all” approach inspires and ignites her audiences.

    Through her speaking engagements, Roxanne seeks to encourage other businesswomen to achieve their full potential. Using her proactive approach to helping others attain their best and highest calling, Roxanne motivates and encourages women to find their own inner strengths.

    Contact us to find out how Roxanne can motivate your group to aspire to “have it all” too…