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    The Purpose

    Roxanne Joffe, a business leader, entrepreneur, mentor and business owner, has a vision. Give women executives and entrepreneurs a website with advice from the experts – and gleaned from her own 20-plus years of experience in the business world – on balancing a high-powered career while having a fulfilling family and personal life.

    Roxanne has been a lifelong champion of mentoring. It’s her passion … and it’s her genuine desire to share her knowledge and expert resources with women wanting to start a business, grow their business or rise to the highest corporate level in their current organization.

    As a recipient of the Athena Award, she has been recognized as a woman business leader who has achieved excellence in her professional and personal life, and it’s in her nature to share her valuable career- and life-enriching suggestions with other business leaders.

    Through roxannejoffe.com, businesswomen can join an interactive community that provides an ongoing conversation with women executives and business leaders. As a woman entrepreneur and a determined supporter of women in business, Roxanne provides support and motivation, shares career-building techniques and scours the Web for the best information to help you succeed in all aspects of your life.