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    Women Business Leaders: Ivanka Trump And The Art Of Being Underestimated

    Ivanka Trump, an underestimated, strong, talented businesswomen in her own right, shares her thoughts to help you take your business success to a new level.

    Here are highlights from Ivanka’s Forbes.com interview:

    1. Tips for Negotiating

    Stressing the importance of preparation, Trump shares how to successfully enter into even the most critical negotiations.

    • “The person who is most prepared and has the most information always has a competitive advantage. Do your homework.”
    • “It is also very important to try to fully understand what the other party most values in terms of the outcomes of the negotiation. It is often things that you don’t value or give a premium to that would be an easy concession that you can still accomplish your goals by conceding.”

    • “I think it’s also important to define your own goals prior to starting to negotiate. . . . You should always walk into a transaction discussion knowing what your end goal is.”

    2. Using Underestimation as an Advantage

    While many women business leaders might cringe to know that their male counterparts underestimate them, Trump sees it as an advantage.

    • “I never mind when somebody underestimates me. It often means they are not well prepared. . . . It is always better to know more than the person you are speaking with.”

    3. Utilizing Technology

    Trump discusses how social media can reinforce branding, but that you have to know when to “disconnect” and take time for yourself.

    • “Through my social media efforts, I try to show a personal side to my brand, because people want the authenticity. Showing who we are as a family is a credence good as a family brand.”

    • “Technology is a tremendous asset but can also be very destructive. While you have to be available all the time today, it is so important to prioritize bigger-picture initiatives. Mornings are also a great time to reflect before the phones start ringing.”

    4. Dressing for Success

    When asked about her professional style, Trump emphasized being aware of your surroundings and always dressing appropriately for the context of the event.

    • “My top three style tips for women at work are context, modesty and femininity. . . . Understand what is appropriate for your industry and in terms of how much skin is being shown.”
    • “[When I was younger], I was almost afraid to be feminine on the job, which in retrospect was probably a mistake.”
    • “The instinct is to suppress our femininity, which is rooted in a concept that we should blend. But how you get there is not through shoulder-pads or pinstripes,” Trump shared. “You gain the respect of your colleagues. If you have their respect, they will not criticize you for dressing like a woman.”

    Although an unlikely role model, Ivanka Trump serves as a reminder to all of us that you can never judge a book by its cover–and that we should never allow the views of others to negatively interfere with our plans, business strategies and goals.

    To read Ivanka’s full interview, click here.

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