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    Social Media Teaches Women Business Leaders to Promote Their Business the Right Way

    I recommend using social media as a central component for your company’s marketing efforts. The primary reason is that it “teaches”  women business leaders to do the things they should have been doing all along to acquire new customers.

    For social media to be effective you must:

    • Identify your niche and your best target audience.
    • Listen. Better understand your clients/customer’s marketing challenges, obstacles and frustrations.
    • Be transparent. The success of your audience must be more important than your own. But it goes without saying if you can help your audience with their success you will be successful.
    • Build relationships. People always want to work with people they know, like and trust. Social media provides these opportunities. It is “networking on steroids.”
    • Always lead with benefits rather than your capabilities. It’s all about your audience. The moment you try to “sell” your services will be the moment you lose your audience.
    • Become positioned as a marketing leader rather than a vendor or partner. Clients want leadership not partnership.
    • Better communicate and articulate what you know. Agencies are often poor communicators. Don’t believe me? Ask any of them what they do. They can’t succinctly define what they do apart from a prolonged discussion.

    Social media becomes the tool to put these things into practice. It helps to create a more clearly defined focus and differentiating business strategy that will give you a competitive advantage, a higher-profile reputation, and an improved ability to attract and win the clients you really want.

    2 Responses to “Social Media Teaches Women Business Leaders to Promote Their Business the Right Way”

    1. Sherry Gore says:

      I’d like to read more on the benefit aspect of your fifth point: Always lead with benefits rather than your capabilities. Thanks for another great post. I have much to learn from you.

    2. roxannejoffe says:

      The idea of leading with a “whats in it for me” – (the reader) makes the audience feel that you are focussed on how you can help/benefit them rather than selling you product or service.
      For example, instead of saying” I have a great product/service” you could say “Your life will be greatly enhanced by ……..”

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