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    3 Basic Rules That Will Help Women Business Leaders Plan And Manage Their Day

    Women business leaders can maximize their time by following some basic rules to help frame and manage their day.

    If your day is anything like mine, you are constantly trying to catch up. You know what I mean, that frenzied feeling at the end of the day that has a “to be continued scenario” Day after day….

    Here are some tips that may help you reclaim your time – or at least add a semblance of order to your day. It is a matter of taking control before you are swooped up in a vortex of multi- tasking.

    Rule #1

    Set a plan for the day. Spend five minutes before turning on your computer in the morning to write down what you want to accomplish that day. Be realistic. Schedule time in your calendar to get each thing done, putting the harder tasks at the beginning of the day.

    Rule #2


    Every hour take a minute to stop what you’re doing, look at your list, and reflect on your last hour. Was it productive? What can you do to make the next hour productive?

    Rule #3


    At the end of the day after you shut off your computer, review your day and ask yourself what you were able to accomplish. What will you do differently tomorrow?

    By following these rules you are giving yourself what you give your clients or employees; focus, evaluation and review. You are treating yourself to your personal talents which helped you become a woman business leader in the first place.


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