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    Women Business Leaders Should Dress for Success

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    A Signature Style is what helps us to create an unforgettable image and stand out from the crowd.

    Women business leaders inherently stand out from the crowd due to their gender. But how do you become memorable beyond your femininity?  Here are some pointers on how to create an unforgettable image by creating your Signature Style.

    Your wardrobe should contains the 3 C’s:

    Consistency         =          Credibility             =           Confidence

    Consistency -Consistency means you have a look that is in keeping with your message, your position, your personal brand.  Think Katie Couric, Oprah, Michelle Obama. They have a look that underscores who they are and what they stand for, and that is authentic to them.

    Your look should maintain a degree of consistency in order to be credible and should extend your professional brand.


    Credibility is given when you have shown that you are consistent with your personal brand, are authentic and have an image that matches your message.  Do not give up your credibility for the sake of comfort or lack of time.

    Pay attention to the details.  Don’t let things like panty lines, a bad haircut or dated clothing ruin your appearance. This will undermine not only your credibility but your confidence, as well as the confidence of those around you.

    Keep your appearance up, keep your wardrobe looking good and ensure it’s a true reflection of you to score the most points in credibility.


    Confidence comes in knowing you’re pulled together.

    When your look is consistent with who you are, your clothing is up to date and in great shape (no falling hemlines, etc), your bumps and bulges are managed with shapewear and your hair and makeup flatter your look, you just can’t help but feel confident!

    When you’re confident from the minute you set foot out the door you’re unstoppable!  You know you look great, but more importantly, you feel great and it shows!

    Taking time to ensure that your wardrobe is supporting you in the 3 C’s will go a long way in helping you to feel great about yourself!


    The key to dressing for success lies in consistency, credibility and confidence. If women business leaders follow these simple guidelines your brand will flourish.

    Read Susan Creal’s full article on signature style, “What Do Bill Gates, Oprah and Michelle Obama Have In Common?”

    Another excellent is Mary Michele Little resource, Your Signature Style Coach with One Chic Mama Inc.  She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs bring out their authentic style and take their look to the next level.

    To get her free report, Top 5 Secrets for Creating Your Signature Style, or to learn more about Michele, go to www.onechicmama.com


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