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    Grow Your Blog Traffic: 6 Tips for Women Business Leaders

    Women Business Leaders who blog can learn how to drive traffic to their blogs from the best and brightest minds. Social Media Expert Chris Brogan shares some of his keen insights.

    Blogs are a great way for women business leaders to establish expertise in an industry and position themselves as thought leaders.  Writing a blog is only the beginning. How do you connect with people so they actually read what you are writing?

    Here are six great ideas from social media expert Chris Brogan from his article, How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog:

    1. Great Titles Help. The first few seconds of someone’s attention are the hardest to pass. If you have a lame blog post title, no one’s going to want to read the post. For whatever reason, we react to “how to,” we react to “7 great,” we react to all kinds of things.
    2. Graphics Don’t Hurt. Graphics to catch your eye. It’s an easy way to get one’s attention. Screen captures help. Video helps. There are tons of ways to get people into a receptive space  with your material, and graphics are just the easiest one.
    3. Brevity Is the Game. Keep your posts brief . People don’t have all day to read. Keeping  your posts between  250-500 words will align with most people’s attention spans.
    4. Share Your BlogIf you don’t have easy-to-share buttons on your blog, you’re missing the easiest way for people to see your stuff on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and all the other sites where it would matter. Sharing out is a great way to make some more traffic happen.
    5. Guest Posts. Find someone who has a very similar kind of blog topic to yours (not sure where to start? Check out Alltop), and offer a guest blog post.
    6. Consistency Blog daily. Why? Because the more you blog, the more people subscribe. Lots of people justify once a week, or once every two weeks. That’s fine. But if you want to grow traffic to your blog, that’s a very long slow crawl towards that growth. That said, no matter which frequency you’ve chosen, stick to it. The moment you drop off the map, people who haven’t yet subscribed to you lose sight and move on.

    Summary: Women Business Leaders have a great opportunity to build traffic to their blogs by following Chris’s basic formula: write about what they need, make sure they see that you wrote about it, make it easy to carry on the relationship, make it easy for them to promote you to others.


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