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    5 Tips to Maximizing Compensation for Women Business Leaders

    How women business leaders can close the “wage gap”

    While there are numerous statistics that assure women are getting equal compensation for jobs they perform compared to their male counterparts, there is still a male dominance at the top.

    So forget about the myth of unequal pay and focus on what you can do to level the playing field in the world of business.

    Here are a few pointers I’ve expanded upon that came from Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist, a social network for young professionals:

    1. Stop looking paranoid. Not all men are out to get you. Seek out men who support your talents Instead of focusing on the bad apples, find the men who respect women, and prove yourself to them.
    2. Admit that feminism is not dead. But at the same time don’t align yourself with the feminist bloc, but rather view the notion as outdated.
    3. Don’t assume you’re being out-negotiated. Yes, women negotiate less, but it doesn’t mean they earn less. It’s just a different style. And, for those of you who want to get great at negotiating salary, here is great advice.
    4. Don’t pretend to be a guy at work. Don’t dress like a guy by wearing boring suits. Let you appearance exude your femininity while being true to your personal brand.
    5. Be kind to everyone. This is not a woman thing. This is a tolerance thing. And tolerance of the new millennium should focus on socioeconomic diversity rather than race or gender. Use your intuition and sensitivity when dealing with people in the workplace.


    There is no longer discrimination in wages between men and women in the workplace. It’s against the law. However, that does not mean things are equal.

    To make things more comfortable and rewarding in your workday seek men who respect women and your particular talents, don’t be lured to the aged view of feminism, read up on negotiating, don’t try to be a guy by wearing boring suits and be kind to those you work with.

    To read more from Penelope Trunk click on this link to read the full article A Salary Gap Between Men and Women? Oh, Please.


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