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    5 Reasons Why Women Make Good Business Leaders

    Women Business Owners have inherent skills because of real life experiences.

    I had the pleasure of raising a family and view the intricate balance of my team as an extended family. I have found that the skill set that I developed running a household has shaped how I run my company.

    In a recent article, Bob Schmidt,  provides his top five reasons that women make good business owners:

    1.  Multi-tasking Pros…

    Women business leaders and managers are constantly pulled from one decision to the next.  Have to multi-task in similar manner to every mother who has raised a family. Most women are accustomed to constant interruption and distraction.

    2. People Skills…

    The people skills learned by women as they negotiate peace between siblings, and helping their children negotiate through the early years of life epitomizes skills needed to work with clients and customers.

    3. Attitude…

    Although attitudes vary a great deal from one person to another, it might be said that many women may have a greater desire to succeed than their male counterparts.

    After having been viewed as housewives and mothers, some women have great desire to feel respected for other accomplishments. Being marginalized by society is frustrating and may fuel tremendous dedication to business success.

    4. Consumer Preferences…

    The customer base of many types of businesses prefer to deal with women. Most men are not suited to deal with things near and dear to the female psyche. In addition, some women do not like to deal with men and prefer to work with women. From a customer viewpoint, it is likely that women have some advantage in many marketing areas.

    5. Diversity…

    Because of the history of the world of business being male dominated, women have added value due to past under representation in businesses excepting at lower levels. Professional female employees can be seen as an asset in ways that are difficult to quantify.


    Women offer skill sets that men cannot because of their gender, and the experiences that result from it. This is not to say that me do not have skills, but finding the balance of both genders in the workplace is probably “A woman’s job”.

    Read Bob’s entire article, Unique skills that women bring to management positions


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