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    What I Believe: A Woman Business Leader’s Philosophy

    by Skyandsea876

    I was recently interviewed for an article on women business leaders in my region. It turned out that the journalist’s probing questions made me think about some big-picture philosophies, and I really had to dig down and find the core of my beliefs.

    As the interview progressed, I found myself prefacing my replies with, “I am in the process of recovering from breast cancer, so my answers may be tempered by my current state of mind.” She continued on regardless, and her questions prompted me to think about my true feelings. What emerged is advice that I would like to share with you.

    Trust your intuition
    I always have strong gut feelings that are often tempered by weighing the options and mitigating regret. I know that if I really clear my mind and reach for my immediate reaction I am usually right. This becomes a matter of trusting yourself with a willingness to make mistakes. A great way to learn.

    Push through your fear
    There is no better way to get ahead than to face something that you know you want to do–yet the  fear of doing it may be paralyzing. When you recognize the source of the fear, whether it’s fear of failure, of getting hurt or of making a fool of yourself, it will be so much easier to forge ahead with a strategy in place. “What ifs” should not be part of the conversation!

    Focus in your strengths
    We are all born with gifts and talents. If you work on developing your innate strengths, you will not be encumbered by your weaknesses but rather will have the time to polish and master the areas in your life where you excel. Your weaknesses can be supplemented with a well-chosen team.

    Remain authentic and true to yourself
    When combining the above three doctrines – you cannot achieve success without really knowing who you are. Stay true and be honest with yourself. I always tell people to have a relationship with yourself, be your best friend and hang out “together.”

    I hope my story offers encouragement and strength to those of you who are dealing with difficulties. Please read the other blogs about my breast cancer journey.

    2 Responses to “What I Believe: A Woman Business Leader’s Philosophy”

    1. ruth lando says:

      So beautifully written, Roxanne! You are so right about the need to be authentic and true to yourself as well as brave enough to push through your fears. I’m honored to have helped bring some of these thoughts bubbling to the surface!

    2. You have written such an inspiring article.

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