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    How Women Business Leaders Can Maximize Productivity in Half the Time

    Time has become the ultimate commodity for me. The realization of this has been underscored by my recent “wake up call.” One of the results is that I have become aware of the activities that I truly enjoy as opposed to those I have to do. I am not about to shirk my responsibilities,  but I am interested in being more efficient  in order to maximize my productivity and relish the joys.

    In his recent blog post, Mike Michalowicz suggested some interesting ways to get things done. Here are Mike’s top three ways for doubling your productivity in half the time:

    1. Work in spurts
      This is something I learned from my daughter. It’s little, but the results are significant. Many kids try to cram studying for tests into a five- or six-hour intense, last-minute session. The problem with this is that, within 60 minutes, so much information gets jumbled up in their heads that the benefits of ongoing studying rapidly diminish. Long, sustained periods of pure work simply don’t work! So, as strange as it may sound, the biggest key to productivity is working on projects for short periods (60 minutes) and then taking a true break. Get up and go for a 20-minute walk or just close your eyes and chill. The key is to give yourself a long enough break for your mind to totally and completely stop thinking about work.
    2. Nap
      I’m serious about this one, so hear me out. You know that time in the early afternoon when you get snoozy and struggle to stay awake? Well, guess what? Your body is telling you to get some sleep! In fact, if you allow yourself a good 30- to 60-minute nap, you will be recharged and far more productive in the afternoon. Getting a nice afternoon nap will help you stay charged throughout the entire day!
    3. Task lists without due dates
      I’m sure you know all about task lists. And you probably know how easy it is to get one started. But that doesn’t mean you always get everything on it done, or even come close to it. The problem is the due dates. Having due dates makes you focus on the urgent stuff, but not necessarily the important stuff. So change the task list by ditching the dates. Then add a column so that you can put a little symbol next to each task. Put a smiley face next to tasks for clients. Put a dollar sign next to tasks that will bring in revenue.

    These are some great tips for busy women entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have some helpful tips on increasing productivity, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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