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    8 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Find More Time for Themselves

    Susan, a really good friend of mine who is also the editor of a magazine,  has been reading my blogs. This in itself makes me really nervous as she is a wonderful writer and demands excellence in her publication, but she was most intrigued by my advice on balance.

    We sat on the sidewalk sharing a bottle of Pellegrino to discuss my sage wisdom around this subject – me looking to her for comments on my writing and she looking to me for a panacea for creating balance in her life.  I could talk about balance theoretically, but when she probed, as all good journalists do, I realized that in reality my life is sorely lacking balance. What upset me even more was that as I look at my breast cancer as an opportunity to reset and reevaluate my days – I can see I am back in the women business leaders quagmire!

    Once again, I offer advice from a time-management blog by Justine Grey – hoping that I can share with you that this time it worked – I have balance!

    1. Exercise
      Since joining a gym, I’ve fallen back in love with my business, had more energy for my children, and found myself happier throughout the day. I’m more motivated and focused than ever before.
    2. Television
      A great, lazy way to escape the stress of unfinished to-dos and future plans is to watch TV for a few minutes or an hour.
    3. Reading
      Reading will allow you to venture outside yourself and enjoy the pleasures of someone else’s life for a while. You’ll get much more from reading than just escaping—you’ll become a better thinker, writer, and speaker too.
    4. Pursue a passion
      Make a list of the things you’ve wanted to do in life but have never had the chance to explore. My list contains figure skating, tennis lessons, soap making, and pottery classes. What about you?
    5. Attend a retreat
      The benefits of any retreat, regardless if work is involved, is the chance to get away from all other distractions for a week or a weekend and give complete focus to one thing you’d like to improve.
    6. Make mornings calmer
      I really enjoyed reading Inc’s interview with 37signals founder Jason Fried because it offered a glimpse into his interesting life. Jason said: “I try not to grab my phone and check e-mails first thing. I used to do that, and it’s just not good for you. Instead, I’ll go and brew some tea and try and relax a little bit.”
    7. Coffee dates
      I got a taste of freedom one day when I walked my daughter over to preschool and then decided on a whim to head over to a nearby coffee shop until I had to pick her up. Why not schedule in a fun coffee date for yourself as soon as you finish your most pressing matters for today?
    8. Sing it like you mean it
      My entrepreneurial uncle once told me that every time he had a meeting with a client, he would spend the entire drive over with the car radio blasting, singing along at the top of his lungs. My uncle said singing made him feel happier, more confident, and more energized every single time.

    When is the last time you evaluated your life with the intention of finding a way to achieve balance? Have you found it yet? Share your story with us here.

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