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    6 Tips for Women Business Leaders to Manage Work-Life Balance

    As a woman business leader and business owner, my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment has plummeted me into a situation where a work-life balance has become essential. Now, I’m not endorsing waiting for an extreme situation to evaluate how you are spending your time, but if you subscribe to the belief that time is our ultimate commodity – then spend it wisely.

    Here are some tips from writer Jeff Doubeck. Try to follow these important steps and ensure you’re committing yourself to achieve your own work-life balance:

    1. Include personal tasks in your daily priorities – don’t be reactive with your personal time
    2. Set and pursue three to five personal goals at the beginning of each month
    3. Track how you spend your time – finish each day by recording personal activities in your planner or journal
    4. Increase your personal time by cutting back mindless TV and Internet browsing
    5. Minimize your commitments to others
    6. Eat well, sleep well – live healthier and increase your energy levels during off-work hours

    I am passionate about my work so I do not segregate my work from my personal life — but rather strive for a seamless integration. For me,  incorporating my belief system into my work is part of who I am. How do you, as a woman business leader, manage your work-life balance?


    One Response to “6 Tips for Women Business Leaders to Manage Work-Life Balance”

    1. Enjoying your blog, Roxanne. This column particularly resonated. I find myself struggling to balance the various aspects of my life all the time. But, like you, I enjoy what I do and try to make it all seamless. Thanks for the pointers.

      Hope you are doing well and that your path to healing is smooth.

      All best,
      MC Coolidge

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