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    5 Qualities Women Business Leaders can Cultivate to Become Remarkable

    In my career as a woman business leader and entrepreneur, I have been recognized by my peers with various awards and accolades. But one of my greatest pleasures is hearing from the people who I have worked with and mentored over the years. It is very rewarding to re-connect  as they share their personal and professional progress with me. From a note about a promotion, a picture from a wedding album, a Facebook request to be a “friend,” or a picture of a first baby – making a difference in someone’s life is quite a thrill!

    Making a difference has become even more important to me after my recent breast cancer “wake-up call.” It has given me the chance to look back on my life and to focus on what is really important.  So, as I think about  my greatest accomplishments,  I am proud that I have always encouraged my team to have a  socially-responsible mindset where each individual feels they are contributing not only to the success of the company but to the overall success of our clients and their causes.

    To encourage your team to be socially responsible, consistently do the five things Jeff Hayden suggests below and everything else will follow. You and your business will benefit greatly and  so will your employees.

    1. Develop every employee
      Sure, you can put your primary focus on reaching targets, achieving results, and accomplishing concrete goals—but do that and you put your leadership cart before your achievement horse. Employees can only achieve what they are capable of achieving, so it’s your job to help all your employees be more capable so they—and your business—can achieve more.
    2. Deal with problems immediately
      Nothing kills team morale more quickly than problems that don’t get addressed. Interpersonal squabbles, performance issues, feuds between departments … all negatively impact employee motivation and enthusiasm.  Plus, when you ignore a problem your employees immediately lose respect for you, and without respect, you can’t lead.
    3. Rescue your worst employee
      Almost every business has at least one employee who just can’t seem to keep up. Before you remove your weak link from the chain, put your full effort into trying to rescue that person instead. Say, “John, I know you’ve been struggling but I also know you’re trying. Let’s find ways together that can get you where you need to be.” Express confidence. Be reassuring. Most of all, tell him you’ll be there every step of the way.
    4. Serve others, not yourself
      You can get away with being selfish or self-serving once or twice … but that’s it. When employees excel, you and your business excel. When your team succeeds, you and your business succeed. When you rescue a struggling employee and they become remarkable, remember they should be congratulated, not you. You were just doing your job the way a remarkable boss should.
    5. Always remember where you came from
      See an autograph seeker blown off by a famous athlete and you might think, “If I was in a similar position I would never do that.” Oops. Actually, you do. To some of your employees, especially new employees, you are at least slightly famous. You’re the boss.

    That’s why an employee who wants to talk about something that seems inconsequential may just want to spend a few moments with you. When that happens, you have a choice. You can blow the employee off … or you can see the moment for its true importance: A chance to inspire, reassure, motivate, and even give someone hope for greater things in their life.

    Do you think the tips above will help you be more aware of how you manage? Let us know what you think in the comments and it might lead to another post with tips on being an inspiring boss from a reader’s perspective.

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