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    Letter To Angie

    Angie and kids

    I wrote this letter to my daughter after hearing that she had a chest infection and that the doctor told her that she was “run down.” We are very close and the shock of my breast cancer diagnosis played havoc with her emotions and thus her health. After asking her permission I feel compelled to share my letter to her with you — as taking ownership of your situation helps not only you — but those around you to cope.
    A letter to Angie, my beloved daughter

    The minute you were born my body was drenched in love for you – as a mother now, you understand this feeling. This overwhelming love never really goes away – it may be doused in frustration at times or even sprinkled with a little anger as life invades, but the deep emotion is enduring.

    I watch how you protect and care for your daughters and I am awash with admiration and awe. You have embraced your role as a mother with passion and vigor swaddling and protecting your children, as a mother should.

    My wish for you is that you have the bond with Isabella and Sarah that I have with you. Every waking night, every chore, every runny nose, every time you are nagged – it will be wholly negated by the joy of a mother-daughter bond, even as “life” invades.

    When I heard that I had a suspicious mammogram, I called you. When I heard that I had to have a lumpectomy, I called you. But when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my maternal protective instincts kept me from reaching for the phone. I knew that I had to protect you from the hurt that you would feel for me.

    Of course you came running and you brought the bundle of joy and the boisterous two-and-a-half-year-old. You cried with me, you shopped for loose blouses, you made me green smoothies and you laid with me on my bed. You stayed with me as I was wheeled away to have my surgery. You were there as I emerged with my new body – your caring support healed me.

    Angie – I thank you.  But it is now time for you to focus on yourself and your innocent, adorable girls. I am reclaiming my breast cancer – you do not own it. This is not your disease – it is mine, as my mother and grandmother owned theirs.  Your job, as a mother, is to protect and absorb your child’s pain. Your job as a daughter is as my support system, with love and understanding.

    It is now time for you to let the angst and stress go – time for you to focus on yourself. I will be fine. Thank you for your enduring love. Thank you for always being the go-to voice on the other end of the phone. Thank you for my granddaughters and thank you for taking care of my daughter!

    2 Responses to “Letter To Angie”

    1. Roxanne, What a beautiful letter to Angie. I am that close with my mother and cherish her as often as possible. Thank you!

    2. Laney says:

      Roxanne..I immediately brought the site up and read the amazing letter to Angie. You captured that special feeling that only lucky moms and daughters share and you are both so fortunate to have and cherish this relationship. It is so special for me to have watched Angie mature into this wonderful, caring, considerate young woman, mother and daughter. You are blessed…and I feel blessed to have had you in my life. Love You…Laney

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