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    For Women Business Leaders, Role Models Can be Found in Unlikely Places

    The following is a blog I wrote for The Story Exchange, a website that offers stories about women from all walks of life who have become successful entrepreneurs and inspires women to live their dreams and uncover their full potential. I would like to share my breast cancer role model story with you here:

    As I traveled my breast cancer journey, I stumbled upon an unsuspecting role model – at least to me – in a “reality show” star.  It was even more surprising because I am not a groupie and way past the age demographic  of identifying with a reality show celebrity.

    But on the morning of the day that I was diagnosed (January 5th) I happened to be watching the Today Show and saw an interview with Giuliana Rancic.  She talked about her bi-lateral mastectomy, the notion of which horrified me.  This happened as I was waiting to hear that I didn’t actually have breast cancer — but was just being cautious.

    Of course the news that I did have cancer came later that day. Even with that news I was still  thinking,  “Well, at least I don’t have to have a mastectomy.”

    Wrong again. After reviewing my pathology, I was faced with a choice — which I made within five seconds. My husband later told me that it typically took me way longer to buy a pair of shoes!

    I went home and watched Guilana’s videos, read some blogs and I have to say that I was in awe of her attitude, presence and positive approach. If she could do this, so could I. I decided that rather than see myself as an afflicted victim, I would re-imagine myself as a “breast cancer diva” with the hope that I can inspire courage and comfort for other women in this situation.

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