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    Digging Deep for Strength; A Woman Business Leader’s Continued Quest

    I have spent the past two weeks getting my body ready for radiation, the recommended treatment  following my breast cancer diagnosis.

    As I have opted for reconstruction, it means that I have to have my left breast fully expanded because after radiation the breast loses its elasticity. This has proved to be an incredibly painful process. At the same time I had the “good” breast deflated.

    So – what does all this mean emotionally? It means that if I ever doubted the horror of this disease, it was reinforced by showing me what a mastectomy really looks like while experiencing white light pain. But while I still do not want to sound like a victim, I have to say the past few weeks have been a difficult process for me — from a deeply personal perspective and also as a woman business leader and business owner.

    Through this I have had to dig deep for the lessons and take-aways. This is what I have come up with:

    • One’s inner strength is there; keep looking and maintain a positive awareness and it will surface
    • Being fully aware that you want to be strong catalyzes your strength
    • Take strength from those who care about you
    • It is a gift to let others “hover”

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