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    Women Business Leaders: Are You Really Present in Your Own Reality?


    Meditation for the present

    As I recuperate from identity-altering surgery wearing my pink boxing gloves to fight breast cancer, I have had much time to ponder and imagine how my days in recovery are removed from my usual routine. My sensitivity and consciousness has been heightened as I catapult into reality. As I explore this new space,  I really have no choice but to live in the present by feeling and experiencing every moment.

    In a recent article, Dan Pallotta makes some good points on how to stay present with the following tips:

    * Make consciousness a business priority. Offer regular training on it. I say regular because virtual reality isn’t going away. It’s a chronic illness like Type-1 diabetes, and it requires regular, unending treatment. I love Eckhart Tolle’s statement, “To be unable to stop thinking is a terrible affliction.” Most of us have it. To pay it short shrift is the same as ignoring it.

    * Make time at the beginning of your day to be present. In whatever way works for you — prayer, stillness, a brisk walk outdoors, insight meditation, or whatever gets you out of the trance and into present.

    * Make time during the day to break the trance. Schedule five minutes at the top of each hour to become conscious of all the chatter and separate yourself from it. Schedule five minutes of stillness before you get on the phone with anyone, so that you are present during the call or the meeting.

    Instead of spending your waking hours in a sort of “virtual” reality … try to turn off the background noise and make a real effort to be present in your own life. This has been forced upon me by my own body.

    What has been the wake-up call that helped you to refocus on your true reality?

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