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    Women Business Leaders–Take Time to Smell the Roses

    I am lucky enough to live on the bayfront and run my business in an attractive and desirable city on Florida’s west coast.

    Prior to my breast cancer diagnosis and surgery, my normal morning consisted of walking or jogging over the bayfront bridge as I monitored my time and breathlessly figured out how I would maximize my work out and get to my morning meeting. This activity was a scientifically timed event where my “getting to work” routine was carefully crafted into five-minute segments; shower, make-up, hair, outfit, breakfast (If there’s time) – you get the idea!

    In all this activity, I may have smelled the coffee but I certainly did not smell the roses.

    I am just now starting to get back into some sense of normalcy, and I decided to go for a walk yesterday. Bound by my weakness and wounds, I surprised myself by stopping to sit on a bench facing the bay. I imagine this bench was a fixture that had been there all along, but I had really never paid attention to it.

    As the bench beckoned me and I contemplated how lucky I am to be alive at this moment in Sarasota, I realized that I had just received a gift – among all the flowers and well wishes over this past week I had the opportunity to really smell the roses! Hopefully this is a lesson I won’t soon forget.

    Thank you to all who are keeping me in their thoughts throughout this journey.


    7 Responses to “Women Business Leaders–Take Time to Smell the Roses”

    1. Veronica Taylor says:

      You are amazing! I send you a bouquet of well wishes!

    2. Pam Truitt says:

      Roxanne–thank you for sharing your journey. Your courage reminds me how easily stuff can get in the way of what’s truly important. And yes, smelling the roses of life is truly important. You go girl!

    3. roxannejoffe says:


      Your support and friendship has been so comforting. It is interesting how “roses”keep coming.

    4. Nancy Roucher says:

      Have been thinking of you and so glad to hear you are “coming back.” Hope you know you are in the hearts and thoughts of so many people.

      Wishing you ever better days….and lots of roses.

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