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    Five Ways Women Business Leaders can Add Magic to Their Leadership Style

    I have found that an exceptional team is made up of players who interact with each other and have a certain chemistry that works. This success is usually driven by a leader who can assemble the team and can then create an environment where there is a common goal to succeed. I believe that women business leaders may have an advantage in this area. By using our feminine intuition and sensitivity we can create a little “magic” in nurturing and building our teams.

    I recently read an article by Jason Monaghan about infusing magic into your leadership style, and I thought I’d share the highlights with you.

    1. Show Gratitude
      Authentic gratitude for a job well done is a powerful motivational tool. Setting the tone for a team to recognize and reward one another with positive words and written comments builds ongoing rapport. While gratitude is often expressed during the yearly review process, excellent leaders communicate moments of gratitude all year long.
    2. Exercise Forgiveness
      Sometimes, in the process of driving for excellence, there are road bumps and team members (including leaders) make mistakes. While remaining clear about accountability, you can still move the conversation in an action-oriented, team-driven problem solving direction with the intent of restoring trust and confidence.
    3. Cultivate Rapport
      Building communication with each team member and knowing them well enough to have connections with them individually will help you orchestrate a more cohesive think tank among them collectively. When team members are encouraged to understand and work in harmony with communication styles, then you will receive more authentic ideas and more well-developed solutions.
    4. Mindfully Construct Challenge
      Part of being a thoughtful, skilled leader is spending time mindfully constructing attainable challenges for your team. Involve the team in setting the parameters of the challenge and involve them in the ongoing assessment. Teams work harder and produce better results when each individual feels personally invested in the process.
    5. Actively Give Support
      Highly experienced leaders know the details of each team member’s job description and also have taken the time to understand what each team member juggles on a daily basis. If you have built honest respectful rapport, then team members will feel comfortable talking with you about areas of support.

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