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    4 Tips On Embracing New Identities as Women Business Leaders

    Throughout the weaving of my life’s tapestry, I have collected many identities, including daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother, designer and many iterations of career titles. As I matured, I became the recipient of the not-so-pleasant divorcee title which, through a circuitous route, led me to become a business owner and somewhat of a leader. Now I am a second wife,  mother-in-law, grandmother, entrepreneur, blogger, mentor and community leader.

    Out of all of my identities, one of my favorite is “marathon runner” and now that I am indelibly marked with breast cancer, I carry a new flag. How I carry it will be determined by what I have learned about myself, how I perceive others and most of all how I want to be perceived. I choose to wear this pink badge with grace, compassion, strength and maybe even pride – pride that I can bravely embark on this journey and find ways to help others as I go.

    How does this relate to women business leaders? Right now, I am a novice in this space, but here are some initial lessons I am learning as I embrace my new identity:

    1. Get to know the “new you”
      Give yourself time to understand all of the nuances of how this affects you.
    2. Be an adventurer
      You are in new unexplored territory – approach the situation with curiosity and awe.
    3. Find others in your space
      Reach out to others who have experienced similar situations and learn all you can from those who have gone before you – they may not all have reacted the way you choose to.
    4. Be sensitive to how you are perceived by others
      I know I always talk about being authentic, but I find that being sensitive to those I care about actually takes me out of the victim role. Some people have a hard time with knowing what to say and do – help them through it.

    I hope I am offering ideas you can use and that I am encouraging more thought about this subject. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

    4 Responses to “4 Tips On Embracing New Identities as Women Business Leaders”

    1. I have hd the honor of knowing Roxanne for many years now, bith as businessness woman and friend. Roxanne, your stength and reflective nature is an insoiration to all of us. Please keep writing–

    2. Pam Truitt says:

      I’ve spent a good part of my adult life shunning labels because I’ve never ‘felt’ like they were ‘me’. I have, instead, felt more comfortable in the ‘wearing-of-many-hats’ space. Perhaps I like the hats metaphor b/c it’s easier to change a hat than a label. But maybe I see all the hats (or labels) as just pieces of me. And when life kicks you in the be-hind, it’s good to have a few hats to wear!

      Thank you Roxanne for your inspiration and friendship! The cosmic universe is most definitely watching out for you!

    3. roxannejoffe says:


      It is always interesting to think about how we are perceived by others in terms of labels but it is how we perceive ourselves – I actually like the idea of embracing many identities.

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