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    6 Ways Women Business Leaders can Overcome Negativity

    We all have endured bad patches in our lives, events that we cannot control and times that we wish we could replay the scene. I recently experienced a series of events that were not what I would have chosen–but the reality was that I had to figure out how to deal with the potholes. I have really been pondering on the “how to” steps to stay positive. As a woman business leader and entrepreneur, I not only want to share my ideas with you but I also hope to become wiser and stronger as I receive your feedback — and hone my own courage skills.

    So in the department of lessons learned, here are my tips for reducing the negativity that seems to be permeating my normally sunny life! My hope is to share what I’ve learned to help others and elevate my own attitude.

    Don’t get caught up in negativity
    Stay conscious and aware that your thoughts are becoming negative. Listen to how you relay your “story” to others – are you assuming a victim role?

    Develop your personal mantras
    I taught Isabella, my two-year-old granddaughter, to say, “Never give up because we are strong, smart and bold.” (A lesson taken from Girl’s Inc.) I am also adding “fabulous” to her speech. These positive affirmations are so important. Create your own and make sure that they are aspirations for how you want to perceive yourself.

    Choose positivity
    You have the ability to make personal choices – be deliberate about staying positive. This is where you become your own advisor – monitor your thoughts and take your time shifting the direction of your thinking.

    Don’t be a victim
    Take command of the situation. Make sure that you are driving the process of what you may be going through. Become part of the decision-making process. Be proactive and know when to let go.

    Keep your sense of humor
    My family uses humor to a fault – at times, it has been quite irritating — but I have to admit that I got the gene, and it has helped me through many situations.

    Focus on lessons learned
    How does this dramatic event in your life add to your personal tapestry, and how can you use this drama to help others?

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