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    How Women Business Leaders Can Turn Their Personal Brand Into a Business

    The more connections that I make online, the more I enjoy this virtual life that I am creating. I run a communications firm, have a strong interest in the social sector and am drawn to the feedback I receive about the useful information I provide through my blog for women business leaders. I have often wondered how to leverage this virtual identity and turn it into a lifestyle.

    I came across this interesting post from Penelope Trunk with some useful tips on creating a business out of a personal brand.

    1. Build a brand that stands for something
      It can be anything, really, but it needs to have a life of it’s own, besides just your name. This way you can take the part of it that is not just about you and grow it. In my case, my brand was my unique take on career management.
    2. Find your paying customers
      Most brands have brand enthusiasts, but not all enthusiasts have money. You need to focus on the demographics that are energized by your brand vision but also have money to spend as a result of that.
    3. Figure out what your ultimate goal is
      If you want to sell the company, and ultimately go do something else, then you need to have a vision special enough that someone else can incorporate it into their own company—as an acquisition.
    4. Accept the reality of a paycut
      To build something big, you have to take risks, and one of those is hiring people to help you. You are probably used to siphoning all the extra cash in your business to your own bank account. Now you will have to start putting that money back into the business because you need high growth to fully leverage a brand’s established market presence.
    5. Check your ego
      Building a great brand about your own personality and intellect is a huge achievement. But to get to the next step in your career, you’ll need to let other people get out in front of that brand. One of the most rewarding moments in my own company was when my co-founders started going on TV to talk about our field with equal authority to my own.

    Because branding is part of my business, I am always interested in passing along information to help other women business leaders nurture and grow their brand. For more about branding, please read my blog, “5 Branding Steps Women Business Leaders Can Use to Remain Authentic.”

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