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    Women Business Leaders: 10 Tips for Borrowing Authority From Social Experts

    Given the choice of going to a cocktail party or staying home and networking, my inclination would be to socialize at home. Luckily, I am able to write and promote my blog for women business leaders no matter where I am. And now that I have been blogging regularly for over a year, I have penetrated several networks without the essential cocktail in hand!

    These tips from Vicki Flaugher effectively distill some excellent ways (both online and in person) to build, leverage and solidify your expertise and business reputation as well as your relationships.

    1. Write a blog post forwarding an opinion that either differs or supports or augments a well-respected figure in your industry.
    2. Get your picture taken with an industry celebrity at a live event you attend and post it on your social channels.
    3. Interview industry greats and post to YouTube (and your blog), with the correct tags that can add your video to the collective aggregate of videos about the interviewee.
    4. Make a valuable, community-sensitive comment on the blog of an industry heavy and link back to a specific, relevant post on your blog.
    5. Ask an industry heavy to write an endorsement or forward to your book or ebook. Ask behind closed doors and thank publicly when they say yes.
    6. Quote someone with higher street credibility than you have to show your alignment with his/her philosophy. You can do this on your blog, via retweets, or by sharing links from their blog.
    7. Participate in well-traveled niche hash tag Twitter chats where you can be seen with the top industry insiders.
    8. Go outside strictly professional events to connect yourself to industry heavies – philanthropy events, sporting events, and arts patronage events.
    9. Start a fan club (or LinkedIn group, or book club) that intertwines your interests with well-respected professionals who already have a digital platform
    10. Gain a speaking gig at the same event as industry greats so you can honestly say you shared a stage with them.

    Many of these activities will happen naturally, as they did for me. As you become more active in your industry, you’ll find the opportunities are endless. But it never hurts to be proactive!

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