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    5 Leadership Essentials for Women Business Leaders

    When I was interviewed for membership in Leadership Florida, a statewide community of leaders dedicated to serving Florida, I was asked when I decided to be a leader. After pondering the question and realizing that I had no answer – it dawned on me that I have never declared myself a woman business leader. Rather, I have embraced the notion and confidence bestowed on me by others. If this makes me a leader – so be it –  but the path has not been intentional as much as it has been organic.

    However, if you are focusing on following the leadership trail, here are some good lessons from Jenna Goudreau, a journalist who has studied and written about some of the world’s most powerful women:

    1. Put Yourself In The Position To Win
      You may not know when an opportunity will arise, but if you’ve prepared and positioned yourself well, you can leverage the luck that comes your way.
    2. Ask For What You Need To Be Successful
      If you’re not going to champion your own career, who do you expect will do it for you? We know that women are less likely to negotiate their salaries, which hugely impacts their earnings, but fighting for your success should not be limited to a salary negotiation.
    3. Be Persistent
      I’ve learned that not only do you have to ask, but you also have to keep asking. In fact, sometimes I believe my primary role as a journalist is to be pleasantly annoying. Quite a few, if not most, of the story ideas I pitch to my editors are rejected.
    4. Have Courage
      I’ve met a lot of smart people. I’ve worked with plenty of talented people. But those who have the courage to walk straight through their fears for work they believe in are the ones who stand out. I now firmly believe that cultivating courage may be the best thing you do for your career.
    5. Aim For Consistency
      The media business is constantly evolving. For today’s journalist, it means becoming a Jane of all trades. I’ve learned that perfection is not the goal. I aim instead for consistency. If I miss a story, make a typo or have a bad hair day, I’m learning to forgive myself.

    For more leadership strategies, see my blogs: “Simple Steps to Becoming a Powerhouse Woman Business Leader,” and “Women Business Leaders: To Be Successful, Stop Worrying and Go with the Flow.”

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