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    Why Women Business Leaders Need to Think Differently for their Businesses to Thrive

    Change is inevitable. It’s driven by external factors as well as deliberate decisions. My business, a creative communications firm, has been affected by the economy and has been drastically altered by the emergence and integration of technology. We have to continually make reactive and anticipatory decisions that ensure our ability to service our clients. We need to stay ahead of the curve and, in effect, forecast trends. In order to do this, we cannot operate in a vacuum – and as a woman business leader and business owner, I believe that we have to integrate ourselves on all levels to remain viable.

    This Harvard Business Review article brief by Rosabeth Moss Kanter sums up how companies need to think and act differently in order to excel.

    Traditional theories are dominated by the notion of opposition between capital and labor, disconnecting business from society and posing conflicts between them. According to this view, companies are nothing more than money-generating machines.

    • By contrast, great companies use a different operating logic. They believe that business is an intrinsic part of society, and like the family, government, and religion, has been one of its pillars for centuries.
    • Great companies work to make money, but in their choices of how to do so, they consider whether they are building enduring institutions. As a result, they invest in the future while being aware of the needs of people and society.
    • There are six facets of institutional logic, which radically alters leadership and corporate behavior: a common purpose; a long-term view; emotional engagement; community building; innovation; and self-organization.

    Does your organization or firm consider the six facets of institutional logic—listed above in the last bullet point—and integrate them as part of its business plan? What do you “wish” your company would do or change to be a better steward of the future?

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