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    Jay Baer’s Social Media Integration Strategies for Women Business Leaders

    This week my firm participated in a communications industry conference in Miami, and I was lucky enough to attend a presentation given by Jay Baer, an author and noted social media expert. He writes a popular social media blog called Convinceandconvert.com and is a well-known and respected authority on the subject, so when he says something, I pay attention. According to Baer, in the very near future social media participation by businesses will not be an option, and as the owner of a strategic marketing firm, I absolutely agree. His prediction? Within the next few years, businesses that choose not to participate will simply not survive.

    If you are a reader of my blog about women business leaders and you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or another platform, you probably consider yourself participating in social media. But, says Baer, you may merely THINK you are participating.

    According to Baer, participating in social media is much more than reading the occasional blog and posting an update on Facebook. During his phenomenal presentation, Baer took us on a journey that shifted my way of thinking – and I’m already a social media proponent. I’d like to share my take-ways with you here.

    Here are 14 “disciplines” that Baer says must be addressed when creating any organization’s communications plan:

    1. Strategy and audits
      Audits and strategies should be conducted prior to embarking on any social communications plan
    2. Social analytics
      Develop ways to measure effectiveness on all platforms
    3. Social email integration
    4. Social website integration
    5. Brand community creation
    6. Brand community management
    7. Social campaigns and promotions
    8. Social advertising
      This will grow to a $1.9 billion industry in the next 5 years
    9. Listening and social mining
    10. Real-time response and reputation management
    11. Internal social media
    12. Content marketing
      Optimize social content and create content that proactively answers questions
    13. Influencer ID and outreach
      Find people in your social media community to carry the message
    14. Mobile and Apps
      All websites will need to be mobile friendly

    Being strategic about your company’s social media involvement won’t be a luxury anymore … it will be a necessity. How prepared are you for this new aspect of your business plan?

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