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    20 Social Media Etiquette Skills Women Business Leaders Need to Use Right Now

    Expanding my online presence has been a wonderful transition from in-person meetings. There have been meetings where I have been captive to talking heads and calendars that may not sync with mine — not to mention wasted time getting to and from the meeting. By conducting much of my business online, I am now able to manage my time, how I spend it and who I spend it with while developing professional relationships.

    However, while I’m enjoying the ability to work online, I have to say that there really is no better way to judge someone’s character than by looking them in the eye and observing the way they conduct themselves. Since this can’t be done online, I have wondered how to address this missing element. I was happy to discover this article by Barry Moltz, highlighting tips on social media etiquette from Patricia Rossi’s new book. I think women business leaders will find these tips useful in judging the “manners” of the people they are engaging with online.

    1. Always make an appointment to video chat someone

    2. Make sure your surroundings are presentable when video chatting

    3. Resist the temptation to multitask

    4. Do not post a YouTube video of someone else without asking them

    5. Provide captions for deaf viewers

    6. Don’t stalk anyone to subscribe to your YouTube channel

    7. Don’t view part of a video and then leave a comment

    8. Be respectful of everyone’s blog

    9. Don’t engage commenter’s who misbehave on your blog

    10. Pick your profile picture carefully

    11. Don’t tag other people in Facebook in unflattering photos

    12. Don’t alter your Facebook relationship status without letting the other person know

    13. No tweeting under the table in meetings

    14. Never tweet while drunk or incredibly upset

    15. Be neat when you tweet

    16. Only use Twitter hash tags when they are relevant

    17. Use direct messaging for private conversation, but not too private

    18. Connect business people to your LinkedIn page.

    19. Keep status updates on LinkedIn professional

    20. Always send congratulations on LinkedIn when a person gets a new job or there is a significant event in their business life

    I think we can all admit we’ve been guilty of misusing social media in some way. After reading these great tips, I know I’ll be more aware of my own social media etiquette responsibilities.

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