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    10 Questions Women Business Leaders Should Ask Before Starting to Blog

    If you are reading this  — you probably know that I am a frequent blogger. I got started because I knew that my point of view as a woman business leader might provide value to others. Blogging allows me to share my passion for mentoring and my interest in finding unique ways to improve my professional life. My assumption is that others would feel the same as I do and find value in my opinions.

    After more than a year as a professional blogger, I think these “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Blog,” by Joe Pulizzi, provide a great starting point.

    1. Who would the primary reader (subscriber) of your blog be?
    2. What do you want to tell them? (What’s your story?)
    3. Do you understand the key informational needs of that person?  What are their pain points?
    4. Are you hanging out online where your customers are? Do you or can you make a target hit list of blogs or sites that your customers frequent online?
    5. Are you leaving comments that add to the online conversation on the blogs you cover?
    6. Do you have a firm grasp on the types of keywords to focus on that your customers are searching for?
    7. Do you follow those keywords using Google Alerts or watch their usage on Twitter?
    8. Can you commit to blogging at least two times per week? Content consistency is key.
    9. What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog? One year from when you start blogging, how will the business be different?
    10. How will the execution process work within your company, and how will you market the blog?

    If you liked this post, you might find a few of my other blogs on blogging interesting too: “Successful Blogging Tips for Women Business Leaders” and  “Women Business leaders: 3 Tactics for a Better Business Blog.” The most valuable advice that I can give you is this: find your passion and remain authentic.

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