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    Women Business Leaders: Embrace Change to Evolve and Rebrand

    As a woman business leader and owner of a strategic marketing firm, I find the notion of rebranding very exciting. It draws on past successes and legacies while giving you a visionary direction. Rebranding for business success has become a hot topic as companies integrate technology into their marketing matrix. We are presented with the opportunity to reevaluate not only our brand, but also our corporate strategies. When you consider rebranding, you look to the future with the understanding that change is inevitable … and it forces you to plan and move your company forward.

    Carolyn M. Brown offers some interesting considerations for rebranding your business, and I’ve listed her suggestions here:

    1. Be Ready for Change
    2. Determine Your Mission
    3. Talk to People
    4. Measure Your Total Market
    5. Research the Competition and Seek Allies
    6. Rethink Your Customer Base
    7. Improve Your Product Availability
    8. Determine Suitable Solutions
    9. Create an Action Plan
    10. Communicate Clearly and Effectively

    Read Carolyn’s entire article, “How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business,” for more details, or for additional blogs about branding: “7 Personal Branding Strategies for Women Business Leaders,” and “3 Ways Women Business Leaders can Create Brand Superfans.”

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