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    How Women Business Leaders Can Ascend to The Top While Retaining their Femininity

    I am a firm believer in using your femininity to your advantage. You have a sensitivity and intuition as a woman business leader that, if used appropriately, can greatly enhance your effectiveness in business situations. However, I find that I really have to work hard at feeling strong and worthy – even though intellectually I know that I do have strengths.  According to advice in a Business News Daily article, you should also be aware of holding your ground in a male-dominated environment.  I’ve condensed the major points for you here:

    Accept recognition for a job well done
    The success of a woman — or lack thereof — in a male-dominated field is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you ever said: “It was really nothing.” or “I got lucky.”  Would you ever hear a man say those things? Not likely. Next time you are recognized for a job well done, take credit where credit is due.

    Be assertive and precise
    Apply this concept in your posture, your writing and your choice of words. Sit up straight with your arms and shoulders open. Never say a word without looking someone right in the eye.

    Stop talking and start listening
    Women are exceptional listeners. Do not let that skill escape you in the boardroom. Listen intently. Savor silence when necessary to determine your response. You will find your responses more succinct and your contribution more relevant.

    No More Mrs. Nice Guy…
    Feel like you have been kicked to the curb by a male counterpart? Have moral courage to address the situation at hand with passion and without emotion. Trust those who have proven they can be trusted and don’t take losses personally. Learn from your errors and move onward.

    View yourself as a leader
    Powerful people demand respect, are aggressive and yell to get their way. Right?  Not always the case. You can be highly influential and yes, powerful, (don’t be afraid of this word) and still be kind.  Be fair, but firm. Be credible, but direct. Assertively and with grace, you can make your way to the top.

    I believe there is no need to claw your way to the top – think about how much more gratifying is it to use your femininity to gracefully ascend. Here are two of my favorite blogs on this subject: “Women Business Leaders: Use Your Feminine Strengths to Achieve Business Success” and “5 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Embrace Their Femininity.”

    2 Responses to “How Women Business Leaders Can Ascend to The Top While Retaining their Femininity”

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    2. Jules Zunich says:

      I like the article and agree with the points, but the truth is that I have only been disrespected or personally (verses professionally) criticized by other women. We don’t need to show men that we can manage. They live with us and know we can. I have a large support group of male mentors, relatives and friends. Very few women have ever stepped up and offered unconditional support. It’s not us questioning ourselves that harms our careers, it is the other women questioning us out of insecurity and negativity that undermines all of our success.

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