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    Women Business Leaders: 6 Steps to Surviving Business Trips

    Have you ever returned from a business trip totally worn out – only to have to turn around and do it again? I came across a great travel survival guide that offers some excellent tips that women business leaders can use to take care of themselves while traveling. I would also add that you may want to feed your adventurous spirit by taking an hour to explore your surroundings and try to maintain a well-balanced diet.

    Here is a condensed version of an article by Tony Schwartz: “Six Keys to Surviving on the Road.”

    1. Do whatever it takes to get enough sleep
      There is no more critical form of renewal, period. Only one out of every 40 people requires less than seven hours of sleep to feel fully rested, so the odds are that person isn’t you. If you struggle to fall asleep, try a non-narcotic sleeping aid, such as Melatonin.
    2. Get at least 20 to 30 minutes of physical exercise in the morning
      If you don’t do it then, you won’t do it. (But don’t do it at the expense of sleep.) Choose a hotel with a good fitness facility, unless you’re happy to exercise outside.
    3. Never, ever take the key for the minibar
      There’s nothing good in it, trust me. If the minibar doesn’t have a key, consider asking that it be removed from your room before you check in.
    4. Breathe between meetings
      Take at least one full minute to breathe in through your nose to a count of three, expanding your abdomen, and then out through your mouth to a count of six.
    5. Call home
      It’s incredibly important to stay connected with the people you love – for you and for them. It’s also best to call when you’re feeling reasonably relaxed and unrushed.
    6. Don’t let airport delays get you down
      Always leave the day before your meetings and be sure you have at least one backup flight. Travel with plenty of stuff to keep you happily and productively occupied on the plane or if you’re delayed.

    Remember, it is all about balance. Take time for yourself, even when you’re on a business trip. Here’s one of my favorite blogs on balance: “ 10 Ways Women Business Leaders can Achieve Balance in their Lives.”

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