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    Women Business Leaders: 5 Questions Your Business Website Must Answer

    I own and run an integrated brand marketing firm, and since last fall, I have blogged about the value of maintaining brand consistency and executing brand values through all channels for women business leaders and entrepreneurs. The same principle applies when we are designing websites. There are so many ways clients are getting their information that it’s easy to forget that, above all, your website must be functional and informative.

    Here are some questions put together by Tom Pick, from his article, “5 Questions Every Business Website Must Answer,” that business owners should consider when evaluating their website.

    1. Who are you?
      Unless your brand is a household name, at least within your industry, this is a critical element. Write about awards, media/analyst recognition, number/importance of customers, length of time in business, the experience of your founders, funding, growth and financial performance.
    2. What do you sell?
      While that is obvious to you, it  obvious to prospects unfamiliar with your company. Use keyword research tools to make sure you are using terms your prospective buyers use, and make it clear and concise. Do you sell a point solution or something that’s part of a broader product suite? Do you sell products only or also associated services?
    3. Who do you sell to?
      No company, especially a small business, can be everything to everyone. Make it clear who your target customers are. This will help weed out prospects who aren’t really qualified and enable you to tightly focus your web copy on your best potential buyers. Make it clear to your site visitors if they are “in the right place.”
    4. Why are you the best choice?
      This is where you differentiate yourself from the pack. Be as direct and factual as possible about your differentiators. Tell your prospects what makes your product or service uniquely suited to their needs.
    5. How do I buy from you?
      If a qualified buyer has landed on your site, this is the critical final question. What do you want the person to do next? Possibilities include downloading a white paper or report, signing up for a newsletter, contacting you for more information, following you on Twitter or Facebook, signing up for a free trial, viewing an online demo, or registering for a webinar. Keep it simple and clear. Test different calls to action.

    Today’s website visitor has little time to linger, so follow the advice above to help streamline your website and make it work better for you and your customers.

    One Response to “Women Business Leaders: 5 Questions Your Business Website Must Answer”

    1. Quite nicely said. It is always refreshing to find a blog that I can easily send my audience to. Carry on the high quality work!

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