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    7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media Women Business Leaders Need to Know Now

    Nothing annoys me more than accepting a friend’s request on Facebook and then being solicited by that new “friend.” I suspect many social media newbies may not even realize they’re doing anything wrong.

    So, before you decide to jump into the social media fray, I can’t stress enough how important it is to develop your online strategy first. The rules outlined here by Rajesh Setty are valuable and will keep you strategically focused on how to create an online plan for your business.

    Here are Rajesh’s suggestions, excerpted from his article on “7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media.”

    1. Connection does not imply permission
      Many social networks make it easy for you to connect with anyone. You can follow someone on Twitter, Quora or Google Plus without needing his or her permission to do that. A small percentage of them might follow you back. If they do, you have a two-way connection. Don’t confuse the two-way connection as permission to interrupt them.
    2. Access does not imply entitlement
      When you connect with someone on a social network and start engaging with him or her, you have access. Don’t assume that they owe you something because you are now engaging with them through social media.
    3. Activity is not productivity
      You can get extremely busy with social media— trying to post anything and everything. In your enthusiasm to share, you might drop the quality of what you are sharing, and that’s when the problem starts—people will silently start to ignore you.
    4. More is not better
      When what you write about is a hit for some reason, you tend to end up doing more of it on social media forgetting that everything has a lifecycle of its own. What’s hot today may not stay hot tomorrow and what’s hot tomorrow may not stay hot.
    5. Reciprocation is optional
      Don’t do anything with an expectation that someone will reciprocate back. Equal actions don’t create equal impact on social media.
    6. Amplification without accomplishment is futile
      You need relevant accomplishments as the foundation — social media can help amplify them. Sans accomplishments, it’s hard to amplify. Unless your business is to make money with social media, you have to get out of social media and spend time on building some meaningful accomplishments. Once you have them, you can use those to extend your influence using social media.
    7. Engagement without enrichment is not effective
      You are only as rich as the enrichment you bring to the world around you. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to enrich people’s lives. Engagement for the sake of engagement will only make you tired. If you engage with an intention to enrich, you will not only win with social media but also makes this world a better place.

    One of my original goals when starting a blog on women business leaders and entrepreneurs was to offer great advice and tips for the whole woman. I hoped my blog would be a compilation of good information on using social media, team building, leadership, mentoring and growing your business – directed to the rising businesswoman.

    So far, so good. But to be honest, I am more interested in YOU. What do you want to see on these pages, and how can I improve what I share? I appreciate your feedback and my hope is that we’ll all benefit from the information sharing and business-building tips offered here.

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