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    Women Business Leaders: Organize According to Your Personality Type

    I have tried to various time management systems over the years and have found that there is no one size fits all. I have adapted and combined several methodologies to suite my lifestyle.  When getting yourself organized, it is important to consider your personality type and lifestyle.

    According to a recent article, “Know Your Personality Type Before Tweaking Your Life,” there are four personality types that could affect how women business leaders and entrepreneurs plan and organize. I’ve added my thoughts to this interesting theory on organization:

    The fantastical
    The theory here is that many entrepreneurs fall into the category of “fantasticals.” These are people who are visual and creative and enjoy finding unique solutions to problems. Because these types are very visual, a typical sorting and filing system won’t work. Everything must be laid out within sight, so if you fall into this category, make sure you have a lot of open space!

    The analytical
    According to the article, “analyticals” are those who are driven by logic and ambition.  Although a traditional filing and sorting system might seem logical for these types, having immediate access to information is essential. If you fall into this category, you might prefer electronic filing rather than hunting for paper files that could waste precious time.

    The environmental
    The article describes the “environmental” as someone who places emphasis on comfort and the way his or her environment feels. They want everything to be welcoming and comfortable, and they sometimes have a hard time parting with their documentation. These individuals enjoy the organizing, and tend to set up systems with interesting themes and methods.

    The structural
    The “structurals,” according to the article, are the ones who are master organizers in the more traditional sense. Theses individuals tend to have a very structured system that may boggle the mind of anyone else. It makes perfect sense to them but when there is more volume than expected, this system can become cumbersome. Structurals may want to streamline their systems before it gets to that point.

    The bottom line is that it helps to know your organizational style and personality before trying the organizational systems promoted in books and TV shows. Once you know what works in your world, you’ll be able to target your organization plans accordingly. Here are some of my favorite blogs on organization: “Women Business Leaders – Is It Time to Detox Your Business,” and “5 Ways to Boost Productivity and Create Balance for Women Business Leaders.”


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