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    7 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Encourage Their Team’s Creativity

    Creativity is the core of my business, whether it’s creative execution or merely ideas. My business is as good as my team — who I rely on to produce extraordinary work for my clients. As a woman business leader and the owner of a strategic communications business, it is my job to maintain a high level of creativity on a daily basis.

    But it’s not just about hiring creative people. As the leader, it’s your job to also “inspire” creativity in every team member. Kevin Eikenberry recently posted some really good pointers in his article, “7 Ways to Help People Use their Creative Potential” . Here are my thoughts about Kevin’s insightful tips:

    1. Truly believe
      I think Kevin makes a really good point when he says, “You must believe that others have the potential to be creative.”  This may be difficult if you have preconceived notions about your employees, but Kevin suggests giving them the opportunity to be creative might surprise you.
    2. Show them
      Kevin suggests reminding your team members of their past successful ideas. Sometimes a gentle reminder of an individual’s creativity can inspire them to believe they can be creative again.
    3. Redefine creativity
      Not everyone is good at every process. Someone may be good at brainstorming while another may be better at fine-tuning or tweaking ideas. Find their strengths and help them to hone those skills.
    4. Encourage
      Everyone needs encouragement, so make sure to be the cheerleader now and then. I think positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage creative thought.
    5. Help them
      Rather than do it for them, help your team members to help themselves. Give them support and back-up so they aren’t afraid to try.
    6. Be specific
      It’s hard to come up with creative ideas when you are unsure of the task. Kevin recommends that leaders should try to be crystal clear about the challenge, making it much easier to come up with creative solutions.
    7. Allow sufficient time
      Your team members might feel as if they are being required to “perform,” so Kevin suggests allowing time to let their creativity rise to the challenge. Feeling as if they are under pressure can make employees feel stressed rather than creative.

    Kevin’s final thoughts are this: it’s not only important for you to encourage creativity in your staff, but you must also allow yourself the time to be creative. In the rush to get work done, women business leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes need a creativity break, too!

    Here’s an additional blog about keeping employees engaged: “4 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Keep Talented Employees.”

    One Response to “7 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Encourage Their Team’s Creativity”

    1. It appears that you have presented a general view of the key issues relating to creativity. I was expecting something more specific to female managers. It would be useful to get more feedback from female managers around their experiences of influencing creativity.

      Still, you provides some useful tips for encouraging creativity.

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