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    How Women Business Leaders can Make Meetings Fun and Effective

    As an effective woman business leader, you might find yourself sitting on boards and committees in addition to attending never-ending “business meetings.” I have found that by removing myself emotionally, I can better understand who is sitting around the table, taking my tolerance and effectiveness at the meeting to a whole new level.

    Being in the creative business myself – whether it’s creating a campaign or coming up with the next great idea – I believe in meeting and collaborating.

    Try this simple game of tagging the meeting participants – you may find yourself having more fun and certainly removing the emotional quotient to achieve more effective outcomes:


    The “idea” person has many ideas. The ideas often make no sense and are not well thought-out but occasionally will have merit. The challenge is sifting through all the ideas and making sure the good one is captured.

    The “ego” person needs to feel important and may sometimes repeat what has just been said in order to take ownership of an action or plan once it has been vetted. This person is easily manipulated and controlled as long as they are being assured of their value and importance.

    The “victim” personality will feel that everyone else is benefiting. This person doesn’t know why but feels they are being left behind. These individuals tend to bring the morale of the group down and see everything from a glass-half-empty point of view. The best way to combat this is to make them feel secure and ask them to explain the “real” issue. A word of caution – this could become the start of a gripe session!

    The “historian” personality may impede progress. This person tends to say, “This is not the way we usually do things,” and could stifle creativity. One often needs more time to sell new ideas through to the “historian,” and this may cut into time that could be spent more productively.

    The “talker” (or time sucker) needs no explanation – This person usually enjoys the sound of his or her own voice and may feed into the “ego” personality by reiterating facts that have the potential of being discussed to death.

    The “texter” presents no threat to meeting productivity. These individuals are totally disengaged and spend their time looking down at their smart phone as if in prayer. Your best bet is to text them if you would like to attract their attention.

    The “gem” is one who doesn’t say much, but when he or she does, it is valid and to the point – often times with action steps associated with it. Hopefully, we can come up with ways to cultivate more “gems.”


    Unfortunately, as women business leaders and entrepreneurs we cannot escape business meetings. But we can try to make them as effective and painless as possible. If you’d like to read more about how to handle meetings, see my blog, “5 Tips to Manage “Meeting Madness” – Women Business Leaders.”



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