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    3 Team-Building Secrets for Women Business Leaders

    Before you can move your team toward excellence, you need to capture the essence of your own personal satisfaction and delight in what you do and translate that energy to your team. I recently read an article that offered some great team-building concepts, taken from Terry Starbucker’s eBook called, “The Five Lessons You Need to Learn Before Jumping Into the Pool.” I think every woman business leader and entrepreneur can use Terry’s concepts.

    Terry suggests using these three essential ingredients to create a platform of internal excellence within your team.

    1. Work must be done with passion
      In the past, many people got a job, worked for 25 years doing the same thing day after day, and then retired with a nice pension. They often never gave a thought to the concept of “passion.” As a woman business owner, I have great passion for what I do, and I spend a lot of time selecting team members with that same kind of passion. But finding people who already possess passion is just part of the equation. As the leader, you must instill passion through your vision and it’s your job to create that passion in your team.
    2. The work must be done for a cause greater than ourselves
      Most businesses have a “vision” or a “big picture,” but does your team know what it is? If your company provides health care services, your bigger picture might be to help people care for their sick or ill loved ones by providing kind and compassionate caregivers. If you sell coffee and tea, your vision might be to purchase the raw ingredients from struggling farmers, helping them to sustain their family farms. What “causes” do you feel strongly about? Incorporate your vision into your business plan and share it with your employees. They’ll feel a sense of pride in knowing they are working toward a greater cause.
    3. Ultimately, it must be fun—or it’s not worth doing
      Many business owners struggle with this concept because we traditionally think of work as, well … work. But what if your employees felt excited about getting up and coming to work for you every day? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? Terry says, “We need to get to the fun part, and that is all too often neglected.”

    The bottom line for me is this: Engaged and happy employees will naturally translate into engaged and happy customers. And shouldn’t that be every business leader’s goal? I think creating an awesome team is the one ingredient you cannot leave out of your business plan’s mix. Here are some more blogs on team-building to consider: “5 Creative Ways Women Business Leaders to Engage Employees,” and “10 Essential Team-Building Tips for Women Business Leaders.”


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