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    Creative Ways Women Business Leaders Can Find Their Hidden Talents

    I honestly did not know I was a leader until I was empowered by others to lead. I realize now that this was a hidden talent that I didn’t recognize in myself. Have you ever stopped and evaluated your natural talents? I think as women, we tend to gloss over our own innate abilities and become cheerleaders for others. Here are some great pointers for women business leaders on how to focus on your own abilities from Mike Michalowicz. I’ve adapted his article, “5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Talents,” for you here:

    Listen to others
    I know this sounds incredibly simple, but how many of you politely resist when someone mentions how talented you are at something? When someone compliments you on a talent or ability, think about what that person was trying to tell you … and really listen. They may have pointed out a genuine skill you have overlooked.

    Determine what is easy
    Have you ever been part of a group project and whizzed through certain parts of the challenge with ease while others struggle? Think about the things you find “easy” to do, the things you do without even thinking. Some people are really good with numbers, while others find speaking before large groups a no-brainer. What things can you accomplish with ease?

    What do you enjoy?
    What things are you drawn to on a regular basis? Are you always seeking out art shows, garden markets, articles or websites about a specific subject? I know I receive a lot of pleasure from cooking, and I feel I am in my “element” when the subject turns to food and healthy eating. Find your “turn on” switch and develop it.

    Learn to be quiet
    As women we are born communicators, so we can get “lost” in the conversation. But we can use that to our advantage if we stop for a minute and examine what we’re talking about! Determine what gets you excited enough to go on and on, and tap into that energy.

    Just ask
    Poll your closest friends and advisors. Ask the ones who will give you an honest assessment of your abilities. But, gently remind them this isn’t an invitation to go over your weaknesses. It’s finding out what others feel are your strong points. Ask them individually and compile a list … this may help you determine your hidden talents.

    I think this all works back to being in balance with your inner and outer self. When you do what you do best, everything else falls into place. For more on balance, please read my blog: “Finding Balance for Women Business Leaders.”


    One Response to “Creative Ways Women Business Leaders Can Find Their Hidden Talents”

    1. Alex Dail says:

      This one works for me: Hang out with people who are real friends – those that love to succeed they will encourage you in your talents and help you fulfill your potential. It is difficult to discover or believe in talent unless other are there to help you along.

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