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    Top 5 Facebook Strategies for Women Business Leaders

    As a woman business leader and owner of a strategic marketing company, I am constantly faced with protecting my clients’ brands through every channel and point of contact. And while I recommend my clients create Facebook pages for their businesses, promoting and preserving your brand doesn’t end with putting up a Facebook page. Here are some really helpful ways to use Facebook pages effectively, excerpted from Adele Cooper’s recent article, “Top 5 Things for Facebook Success.”

    1. Promote, promote, promote
      It’s great that you have a Facebook page, but what are you doing with it? Get in the mindset of thinking of ways to get the word out to your current customers, says Adele. There are many ways to do that. You can create a Facebook badge on your website that links to your webpage, create a “like” box on your website that allows customers to like your Facebook page from your website and add links to your Facebook page in all of your correspondence with customers, including invoices, e-newsletters, updates, and specials.
    2. Publish content they want
      Having a Facebook page doesn’t mean people will automatically visit your page in droves. You’ll have to provide something they want and can’t get elsewhere, and according to Adele, that’s where content makes a difference. Suggestions include writing in a more personal tone, posting only when you have something interesting to say or a new product or special to promote or just add something related to your product that you think is newsworthy or funny. Your customers will appreciate the touchy-feely aspect of your page.
    3. Talk to your customers
      Another great way to get more activity on your Facebook page is by encouraging comments from your customers, says Adele. When you respond to your customers’ comments, they’ll feel a real connection with your company or product. And once others see your responses, they’ll be more likely to join in as well.  Post calls for action like product reviews or questions, and make sure to answer negative comments promptly and without sounding defensive. Check out Facebook “Page Insights” to see your page’s statistics, and tailor your content to get the best response rates.
    4. A picture is worth 1,000 words
      You wouldn’t want to write a post that’s 1,000 words, but in addition to keeping your posts short and to the point, adding pictures, art, or video is a sure way to increase viewership. Adele notes photos and videos are a great way to make your pages more interactive and create added interest and incentives to return. Ask your viewers to post their own photos of your product or service and comment on them.
    5. Remember to update regularly
      Nothing is worse than a stale, static Facebook page. With smart phones gaining widespread use, it’s a simple matter to add a Facebook app to your device. Once installed, you can connect with your Facebook page anytime, add photos, make comments and post updates. So, even if you can’t get to your desktop computer, there is no excuse to let your Facebook page to gather dust.

    Facebook can be a great tool to keep and build loyal, interested customers. But remember that it’s a living, breathing entity and needs regular attention to get the most out of it. There are also things you should avoid doing on your Facebook page, so please see my blog post on Facebook mistakes: “Facebook Marketing Mistakes Women Business Leaders Should Avoid.”



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