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    How Women Business Leaders Can Manage a Curve Ball

    Photo by Jason Alley

    This advice is so valuable, especially for women business leaders and entrepreneurs—as we’re often “Type A” personalities. High achievers tend to melt when things don’t go according to plan. I know I always need to remind myself to reset and reboot when thing go awry, from the smallest crisis to things that are beyond my control. I think that evaluating priorities in this situation is essential.

    In an interview with radio host Maggie Mistal about how to manage life after being handed a work-life curve ball, author Cali Williams Yost and Maggie came up with an insightful list of pointers. Here are my thoughts on their excellent tips:

    Curveballs usually have three phases
    I thought they really drilled this down to its essence: you have the initial crisis, the holding pattern, and the post-crisis reality. If you take a mental note of these phases, I think that it will help you see that there is hope and stability — eventually. It’s comforting to know you’ll be able to overcome anything with time.

    Hold off on rash decisions
    I agree that it sometimes seems that your only option during a crisis is to make an either-or decision. Cali’s point here is that making an all-or-nothing decision in the midst of a crisis isn’t the best approach. Take a deep breath and think it through.

    Be honest
    This is difficult to do when you are feeling vulnerable. Cali suggests being really honest with friends, family, clients and your employer and tell them you are dealing with a temporary crisis. Cali notes, and I agree, that 99 percent of the people you share your situation with will be willing to help, and the other 1 percent are people you should just let go.

    Gather your support team
    Many women business leaders are “Type A” personalities, so being in the middle of a crisis (and not being in control) is especially difficult. Cali’s suggestion is to let your guard down and accept help when it is offered. I agree that it’s tough to do, but letting others help you can bring you much-needed relief.

    Start to move forward
    Cali suggests that after the “crisis” stage has passed and you are in the “holding pattern,” you can then try to take on more responsibilities. I think it’s important to go slowly, however. If you jump in too soon you may start to feel overwhelmed.

    Build-in “me” moments
    This may seem like an impossibility, but Cali believes it is a necessity. I agree that making time to de-stress, like taking a walk, a relaxing bubble bath or reading a magazine will do wonders.

    When you are in the middle of a crisis, it seems overwhelming. I think that if you take the time to look at your crisis un-emotionally, and boil it down into separate phases, it will help you begin the journey back to “yourself.”

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