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    Successful Blogging Steps For Women Business Leaders

    Successful Blogging Steps For Women Business Leaders

    Photo By: Andrew Stawarz

    Blogging has been a learning curve for me, partly because the idea of letting my thoughts flow naturally is a challenge. As women business leaders, we tend to obsess over consequences and results, but at its simplest, blogging should be a mechanism for letting your thoughts flow. And, your blogs are a perfect way to showcase your personality and point of view.

    So far, I’ve been really pleased with the results and the people I am getting to know through my blog. I am always thinking of ways I can improve. When I read this blog by Adam Best on ProBlogger.net, I thought it offered some very good tips on becoming a better blogger. I’d like to share those tips with you and some of my observations:

    Blog Original
    Adam suggests that people are drawn to “entertainers” like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Kanye West because they are different, and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. The same idea holds true for blogging. As Adam points out, anyone can be a copycat and put the same stuff up on their blog day after day. He’s right when he says the best bloggers have a specific “voice” and their audience expects that voice. It’s part of the attraction.

    Blog Often
    Adam suggests that the more you blog the better your blog will perform analytically. He’s right, but I have to admit that I do not follow that line of thinking with my own blog. I think that if you want to be a professional blogger, blogging every day or multiple times a day is appropriate. But most of us blogging for our businesses have day jobs—and we blog as a way to connect with others in our field or with those who have similar interests.  I agree with Adam, though, when he suggests your blog should be a “hub” that provides consistent, relatable content on a regular basis.

    Blog Outstanding
    Rather than just starting a blog, posting every now and then and leaving it out there to wither and die, Adam’s point here is that you need to cultivate your blog and make it vital. Blogs are almost like a living thing, and they need constant care. He suggests bloggers pay attention to formatting, spelling, grammar and appearances.  Adam also suggests creating Twitter and Facebook accounts as additional tools to promote your blog, and as a way to add connectivity. The bottom line? If you want to promote your blog, make sure you have a blog you are proud to promote.

    Blog Obsession
    When blogging, says Adam, think big picture. In other words, don’t limit yourself! The bigger your scope, the bigger your audiences will be. I agree to a point, but I think if you try to be too big at the start, you could end up spreading yourself too thin. I like Adam’s suggestion, though, to blog about subjects you feel passionate about. Use your passion to connect with your audience, and they’ll be more likely to respond.

    While I don’t follow all of Adams suggestions myself, I appreciate his observations. He’s been at it longer than I have, and he has a successful blogging business, so I plan on thinking about adopting some of his suggestions as I continue my journey in the blogoshere. Please read my other posts on blogging here, and let me know if you have some blogging tips to add.

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