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    Social Media for Women Business Leaders Means More than Just Marketing

    You can’t blink an eye these days without someone telling corporations they need to pay attention to social media. What these pundits are saying is correct, and as women business leaders and business owners, we need to re-evaluate our firm’s marketing philosophies if we’re going to play in the social media sandbox. But don’t think you can create a corporate or business Facebook page and Twitter account and be done with it.

    When I read this recent article by Philip Guarino on how companies can invest in social media, I wanted to pass along his great tips to my readers.

    Ask the tough questions
    You’ll need to take a hard look at your company’s interactions with its customers and clients, says Philip, and determine if its inviting customers to share and engage in feedback. If not, you are merely playing at being a part of the social media conversation and not an active participant. Philip is on target when he says companies simply must listen to the online community in order to understand what the customers are saying.

    Focus on content
    Content is another term that we’re seeing everywhere. And there is a reason for this saying; “Content is King.” These days, according to Philip, compelling and valuable content enables consumers to be spokespeople and promoters of your company’s brand in a way that traditional advertising cannot accomplish. He’s correct in that social media provides an immediate way to engage your audience, and they, in turn, can promote your content to even more potential customers.

    Listen to, follow, and integrate feedback
    This advice reiterates Philip’s first tip, which is to really listen to your customers’ feedback and use it to guide your company’s future plans. According to Philip, it is “The most important shift that must occur is in the board room.” In other words, using social media correctly can make your company’s brand stand out and help foster great customer relations in the process.

    I think the takeaway here is that this channel of marketing should be taken more seriously. Use it to listen to your customers, get feedback and re-evaluate your traditional campaigns. To stay viable, your marketing challenge today must be to shift your focus from the traditional marketing philosophy to a proactive, engaged, “online” corporate mentality.



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