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    Women Business Leaders: Become Awesome in 5 Steps

    Women Business Leaders: Become Awesome in 5 Steps

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    Oftentimes, as women business owners and business leaders, our most challenging task of the day is managing “stuff.” Employees, clients, finances, schedules, meetings … well, you name it. But how often do we actually sit down and make it a priority to manage ourselves? I know I’ve been guilty of this omission.

    I think we make the mistake of compartmentalizing our lives and we end up getting caught up in the minutia. It’s easy to do. In his article, “5 Personal Management Skills for Being Awesome,” Joshua Riddle suggests a more holistic approach to managing yourself. His tips on treating yourself as if you were a “business” really resonated with me. I’ve gathered some of my thoughts on his pointers here:

    Time Management and Planning Skills
    Just as you plan for your business’s needs through scheduling and planning projects and workflow, you can apply those techniques to your everyday life. Joshua suggests you start out by scheduling every single moment in order to take complete control over your time. Once you become adept at scheduling your time efficiently, you’ll become aware of the problem areas that need work, such as procrastination or not allowing for adequate travel time between appointments.

    Financial Management Skills
    Personal financial management is an area where most people could use some improvement. In Joshua’s view, having personal financial management success positively affects the rest of your life because it requires real discipline. It’s a powerful skill to develop and once you do, you are well on your way to managing the other aspects of your life. I like this quote I took from Joshua’s article, “When you assert yourself over your financial situation, you can assert yourself to the realization of your goals.”

    Communications Skills
    Because this is the area of my expertise, I understand how vitally important it is to communicate effectively. And, says Joshua, knowing and believing in your own inner voice will help you move forward successfully. “With great communication skills,” says Joshua, “comes the power to influence and encourage others and yourself.” He suggests working on your listening skills, speaking slowly and deliberately, and asking questions to be sure your thoughts are understood.

    Organizational Skills
    I’ve commented on the “messy desk” syndrome in previous blogs, and I think it is worth revisiting. It’s easy to let the physical clutter in your life become mental clutter if you don’t force yourself to organize. It takes effort, though! Joshua makes a good point when he says, “The best part is that you already have the skills required to be organized, you just have to start putting them to good use.” Joshua’s suggestions include throwing stuff away, putting stuff into files (if you must keep it) and reducing your information collection points to one in box.

    Continue Self-Development
    I am a big fan of working on my own self-development skills, and I think everyone can benefit from looking inward and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. You could think of it as conducting a personal “audit” of your current situation and determining areas for improvement. Joshua suggests scheduling appointments with yourself to assess your progress, take “me” time each day to focus, review your day during a quiet moment, create a goals list and most of all, remain open-minded and flexible.

    My closing thoughts? Being awesome isn’t a final destination in itself. It’s more of a continuing journey, and the things you learn and achieve along the way become part of your personal road map to success and being awesome.

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    1. Pam Truitt says:

      Thank you Roxanne for putting this in front of me. My messy desk, floor piles and the self-diagnosed personal-priority-avoidance cloud have been ruling the roost. I needed this!

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