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    Finding Balance for Women Business Leaders

    Finding Balance for Women Business Leaders

    We’ve all seen the headlines on magazines and the promos for TV programs that claim to help you achieve “balance.” I have often talked about balance in my blog. For me, balance means finding your equilibrium – mind, body and spirit.

    But today, more than ever, we’re competing in a fast-paced, driven playing field. Women business leaders, by nature, are extremely focused and our success is often attributed to our extreme dedication. Yes – extremism. I think trying to find some order and balance sounds wonderful, but how can that be accomplished while practicing professional extremism and being a driven and goal-oriented leader?

    I often wonder what would happen if, after I have committed to complete a task or tackle a new project, I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was more balance and less extremism? This notion could be alarming. What if I don’t succeed? What if I can’t perform? If I stop and evaluate my commitments, distill what has to be done versus what I feel driven to do—would I still be as successful?

    Let’s assume that we really do need balance within a focus-driven life. Here are some of my personal short-cuts to creating a Zen-like experience, even for just a few moments, while living a frenzied life.

    1. Create some rules for yourself –
      Create a clear set of parameters that you will and will not do. This could be as simple as reserving one hour in the morning for you.
    2. Find a person who believes in you and supports whatever you do –
      This could be a trusted work partner, friend or business mentor. But it must be someone who will validate your decisions and understands why you make them.
    3. Be a Diva –
      Even if this is only in your mind. It could mean saying “no” or saying “I want…” It can be choosing NOT to do something you think you “should” do.
    4. Find someone who will be unflinchingly honest –
      You must completely trust the person charged with this task emotionally and professionally. Only in a trusting, giving relationship will this work.
    5. Do something daily that takes you away from your driven world –
      Perhaps your serenity comes from reading a poem, meditating or simply watching the ocean. The key here is that this does not involve any form of achievement or challenge.

    Finding your own balance will be a rewarding and extremely beneficial experience. And once you experience your own moments of balance, I think you’ll find even more energy to focus on your business goals.

    For more on achieving work-life balance, read Roxanne’s blog on Avoiding Occupational Burnout for Women Business Leaders, or type “lifestyle” in the search bar to see all of Roxanne’s blogs on that subject.

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