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    6 Ways Women Business Leaders can Protect Their Brand

    6 Ways Women Business Leaders can Protect Their Brand

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of deliberately branding yourself. And, as a branding specialist and woman business leader, I can’t stress how vital it is to stay proactive when it comes to protecting your brand. Because the online community is becoming more complex, protecting your brand is something every businesswoman and woman entrepreneur needs to pay attention to. I found some great tips in a recent article on personal branding by Nick Nanton, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you below.

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    1. Get a Trademark
      You’d think most businesses consider trademarking a product an essential part of the business plan, but according to Nick, many don’t. And, that can be a very expensive problem later on if your brand, name, logo or other business product has been “appropriated” by another company. Nick recommends hiring a trademark lawyer who can do a thorough name search, create documentation and protect your brand.
    2. Purchase domain names
      Your website name is another business entity that needs protecting, Nick says. He suggests you purchase several domain names through one of the many online domain name purchase and registration sites. Personally, my businesses use several domain names, and I agree that it’s really important to purchase domain names that relate to your business as well. Nick suggests that you look to the future, and purchase potential domain names now to be sure they’ll be available when you need them.
    3. Be active online
    4. I agree with Nick when he says that staying active on social media platforms is vital. Personally, I try to stay active on social media outlets that relate to my business on a daily basis. It’s imperative to stay ahead of the game for many reasons, but protecting your brand requires constant attention.
    5. Be aware
      While staying active on social media platforms is important for your business’s online presence, monitoring what’s being said about your business is also critically important. Nick suggests setting up a “Google Alert” for your name or brand. This is something I do personally, and it’s very helpful to monitor what’s being said about your brand on various online arenas. You can set these up to provide daily or weekly notifications to alert you when your brand name shows up online. Nick also suggests using a third-party social-media management company to automate your Tweets and social media posts.
    6. Be social
      Nick reiterates that staying active on social media sites is essential. But, he says, that doesn’t just mean Tweeting and posting on Facebook.  He encourages business owners and CEOs to really get involved in promoting the brand via blogging and one-on-one online communications with customers and clients. I know that since starting my own business blog, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the comments and responding to them online. It’s given me a better understanding of my audience and what I want to project about my business online.

    Protecting your brand online may seem daunting at first, but I know from first-hand experience, it gets more comfortable the more you do it. Remember, the more hands-on you are with your online brand, the easier it will be to understand and respond to your customers’ wants and needs.

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