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    5 Reasons Why Women Make Better Business Leaders

    I’ve got to admit that when I first read this article by Margaret Heffernan, I practically cheered! As a woman entrepreneur and woman business owner, I have always thought I had a distinct advantage over my male counterparts for many reasons. And here, in my blogs, I’ve been advocating many of the points Margaret touches on in her article. I am very comfortable as a woman in the business world, and I don’t think we have to try to be men to get ahead.

    I liked the content so much that I’ve paraphrased some of the points from the article here.  I think you’ll find them encouraging as well.

    1. Women entrepreneurs try harder
      According to the statistics in Margaret’s article, the Department of Commerce’s figures showed that the number of women-owned businesses increased 44 percent from 1977 to 2007 and added 500,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the number of men-owned businesses increased just 22 percent and lost 2 million jobs. I think this shows that women try harder to build their own businesses. And maybe we take more pride in our abilities to succeed, leading to better entrepreneurial success rates.
    2. Women are used to doing more with less
      As women, we’re used to looking for bargains, whether it’s for our business or personal life. As Margaret notes, women-owned businesses attract far less venture capital, so businesswomen have to work harder, are more profit-oriented and have a distinct dislike for waste. I know in my business, I am always on the lookout for better, more efficient ways to do things.
    3. For women entrepreneurs, the customer is everything
      I agree with Margaret when she states that women business owners love their customers. We tend to regard them as friends, or even a part of our extended family. I know I value my clients, and I’d go the extra mile to keep them. According to Margaret, 85 percent of consumer spending is controlled by women, and we know what it takes to keep us coming back. It’s no wonder we are better attuned to customer service than our male counterparts!
    4. Women business owners are motivated to succeed
      Margaret points out that while men often start a business with the thought that they can return to corporate life if things don’t work out, women have a different point of view. I think many women start businesses out of frustration with the “corporate” world and have no real desire to return. Women also turn to their own businesses as a way to control their work-life balance, rather than be at the mercy of a corporation. I know I like being my own boss and my desire to stay in control definitely motivates me.
    5. Women are natural multi-taskers
      I know that term is really over-used, but I think it really applies to women in general. As women business leaders, our lives often take us on many paths, and we’re challenged with maintaining homes, running businesses, parenting and more— so we’re naturally comfortable with chaos. And, according to Margaret, women’s brains are web-like and adept at dealing with non-linear problems and disruptions.

    In Margaret’s view, women entrepreneurs remind her of early pioneers looking for a place to settle. They were willing to take risks, try something new or take on a new role to make a better life for their families. I am a steadfast supporter of women entrepreneurs, and I encourage you to check out more of my blogs on this website, especially the blog on embracing your femininity as a business leader.

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