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    Women Business Leaders: Are You at Risk for Occupational Burnout?

    It’s easy for women business leaders and entrepreneurs to become consumed by their business. Regain control of your life by incorporating 4 essential life-balancing tips into your daily regimen.

    All work and no play can really take a toll on your body and soul. Eventually, your passion for the business – one of your most valuable assets – will suffer. As an entrepreneur and woman business leader, I am always multi-tasking. But, I make a point to take personal “time outs” when I feel I am overburdened.  Knowing when you’re approaching that critical stage takes practice, however.

    In a recent article for entrepreneur.com, Ray Silverstein, author of Small Business Survival Guide: How to Survive (and Thrive) in Tough Times, explains that while the entrepreneurial spirit most women business leaders posses is an admirable quality … it can lead to occupational burnout.

    Incorporate Ray’s 4 tips into your workday for immediate burnout protection:

    1-Set goals and priorities

    It’s essential to practice good time management. Don’t fritter away the day on trivial tasks; do your most important projects first.


    Hand off smaller projects and focus on the larger issues. If you know something prevents you from delegating, address it.

    3-Take on exciting, new projects that drive the business forward

    Enrich your entrepreneurial spirit by growing in new directions. Leave the business-as-usual activities to others, and step out of your comfort zone to examine new ideas and business concepts.

    4-Continue to learn

    Read books, journals, business blogs; join a peer advisory group, volunteer for a business-related committee or attend a seminar. Do things that keep your mind active and your enthusiasm high.

    As a woman business leader, you have an obligation to your company and your employees to take care of yourself … you set the tone and pace. That’s yet another reason to protect yourself against burnout by seeking balance in your life. 

The bottom line – you’ll be more productive in business when you invest in your life outside it.

    Excerpts taken from http://www.entrepreneur.com/management/leadership/leadershipcolumnistraysilverstein/article197744.html. For more on planning your day, check out Roxanne’s recent blog, Three Basic Rules that will Help Women Business Leaders Plan and Manage their Day.

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