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    Women Business Leaders: 7 Steps to a Better Business Blog

    Starting a company blog can transform your business. Instead of relying on a website with the standard “About Us” page, a business blog can take a bland company image and inject a sense of personality, brand identity and vibrancy.

    I’ve been blogging here for the last few months, and I’ve found the process to be both personally and professionally rewarding. I believe it’s become a good repository of ideas and suggestions for women business leaders and my current business contacts. But this blog also serves as a way for potential clients to get a feel for my company dynamic … a virtual way to test the waters and see how the company “fits” with their needs.

    Blogging is a valuable tool for any business, according to featured columnist and blogger Shira Levine in a recent article on American Express’ OpenForum. Shira notes that companies of all kinds … Fortune 500 companies, large businesses, and well-known brands … have joined the blogging world.

    Here are some of the blogging tips Shira offers readers:

    1. Choose a place to host your blog
    Sites like Blogspot and WordPress make it easy for new bloggers to set up and create their company blogs.

    2. Build interest in your company’s viewpoint
    Creating an online presence is key. But keep it short and simple.

    3. Create a voice
    Create your own “corporate” voice through your blog.

    4. Keep a consistent voice
    Whether it’s you, someone else internally, or someone hired outside of your business, make sure the voice of your blog is defined, clear, and unwavering.

    5. Make blogging part of your daily routine
    Treat posting as part of your day’s schedule and it will become easy and instinctual.

    6. Blogging gets the conversation going

    Consumers want to know about the people behind their favorite brands.

    7. Blogs make it easier for clients to find your company
    Having an online blog presence helps customers find you through web searches.  Your blog may be referenced or linked by your clients and appear in several online searches, helping to promote your company’s online presence.

    It pays to connect with your clients through your company blog, but keep in mind that a blog is a living, breathing expression of your company, its values and its identity. Read Shira’s complete American Express Open Forum article


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